I’m raving about my latest find for wrapping gifts, elevating the task at hand to a whole new level.   WashiTape I’m talking about Japanese masking tape, made from washi paper – a great alternative to traditional ribbon and bows.

Well, OK, you can still add a bow if you want.

So what is this stuff I’m recommending? It’s tape, pure and simple, sticky on one side. All you  do is wrap it around the gift, getting as  creative as you like.

This tape is very cool, and very fun, limited only by your imagination. Even better, if you don’t like your creation, you can remove the tape and try something else!

I experimented with this myself. After wrapping a gift with bright yellow and red tape, I decided it looked a bit garish, considering my holiday decor of silver and gold. So I removed the tape in one fell swoop, and replaced it with something a bit more sedate.

I found the masking tape at Design Within Reach so if you’re lucky enough to have a showroom near you, you might be able to snag some in time for the holidays. If not, rest assured that this gift wrap idea can be used any time of year – you are in no way limited by the holiday season!

Enjoy your new-found creativity!