What I love about travel is the unexpected adventures that can happen along the way.

Rock 'n Soul Museum, Memphis, TN

Like pulling into a roadside park and being told by the gate attendant that the park is ‘clothing optional’.

In that particular scenario, I’m sure the driver and I both wore a ‘deer in the headlights’ expression as we contemplated this fact and in unison responded:


Then, a hurried “Is there a place we could turn around?”

As soon as we pulled through the gate we burst out laughing, one of those laughs that completely fills you up with joy and giddiness.

But that was another trip, and another adventure.

I’ve just accompanied my son on a cross-country drive from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania to Austin, Texas.

We completed this trip in four days. Time was of the essence.

So there were no side trips, and little sightseeing. But we drove through miles and miles of countryside and breathtaking scenery as we passed through each state into the next in our comfortable, air conditioned car.

Virginia Tech University

One thing’s for certain, we live in a vast and beautiful country!

From the lush, rolling hills of Virginia to the flat, dry countryside that envelops Arkansas and Texas, I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the experience.

Although the nine hour drive from Virginia to Memphis was maybe a bit much. (more…)