“Your home is your personal canvas – a place for celebrating Beauty”.


Here’s a little quiz I’ve put together, to re-vitalize your home decorating skills during these hot, lazy summer days.

Please note, this is intended to be fun!

Even better – your answers will not be graded.


Question #1:

Summer is the worst time of year to even consider an interior design project.
T or F

False. If you are thinking of re-decorating, or having a picture perfect new dining room by the holidays, NOW is the time to kick things into high gear!

Especially if your plans involve anything custom, or lining up vendors and/or contractors – you need to plan several months ahead.


Most workrooms and manufacturers have a cutoff date for the holidays. If you wait too long, your dream project simply won’t happen in time.

Question #2:

The best, and most obvious, reason to hire an interior design is because you can afford to do so. T or F

False. The best reason to hire an interior designer is when you’re feeling completely overwhelmed, and short on time & ideas.

Not to mention having access to a much broader scope of resources, for whatever your heart desires.

By the way, if you love interior design and are always re-arranging things in your home, check out this link – especially if you frequently worry “Am I doing this right?

Question #3:

Working with an Interior Designer can sometimes lead to bargains. T or F

True. Some designers will pass along showroom discounts; other times, you might be lucky enough to score exactly the item you are looking for – on Sale – at an exclusive designer showroom.



I’ve just returned from my summer vacation.  

Yes, it’s starting to fade from recent memory – vacations have a way of doing that – but I’m still feeling pampered and relaxed.

Even though we didn’t go far, the eastern part of Washington State always feels like a completely different part of the country. It’s so unlike the lush, forested landscape west of the mountains.

Indeed, those mountains pretty much divide our state in half.

Still, I love the long, leisurely drive through the mountain passes, giving us time to let go of city life and the everyday stress that most of us deal with on a regular basis.

For this annual escape, we always stay at the same place – a comfortable time share condo, that is ours for exactly one week, Thursday to Thursday.

The place is tastefully furnished with your basic seating, tables and beds – even a hide-a-bed for extra guests – plus a well stocked kitchen.

When we arrive it is sparkling clean, with everything neatly arranged and orderly. It always looks the same, inviting yet completely generic – much like a hotel room.

There is no trace whatsoever of the previous occupants.

Yet, in no time at all, as we unpack our gear and haul it inside, the space is transformed into something much more personal.

Of course, it’s entirely possible to arrive with nothing more than a suitcase, a magazine or two and perhaps a cooler – the place is that well furnished.

However, I’ve never been known to travel light – apparently it isn’t in my DNA.


Summer Hiatus

I’ve been away for a few months, a summer hiatus, if you will.

We had a wonderful, hot summer here in Seattle. I’m sure many other parts of the country were also very hot, and wonderful, but here in Seattle 90 degree days are rare. In late July we had five days straight of 95 degree plus temperatures, and even broke an all time record of 103 degrees.

When word got out that Seattlelites were wimping out in the summer heat, we apparently became the laughing stock of the country. The thing is, very few people in the Pacific Northwest have air conditioning and we were downright miserable.  “Why no air conditioning?” you might ask. The answer is simple – we’ve never needed it!

Until now. The climate is definitely changing and dry, hot summer days have become the norm. We’ve had very little rain to speak of, but with Fall around the corner temperatures are now considerably cooler, and the forecast for the long weekend is for rain.

Speaking of Fall, now is the time to start planning your home design projects, especially if your intention is to completely re-do your living and dining rooms by the holidays. (As incredible as it sounds, Thanksgiving is a mere three months from now). You want to be sure to place any orders by the end of September at the very latest, and even then there is no guarantee you will have new furnishings by the end of November, or even Christmas.

Several years ago, I was involved in a major  project, with all new furnishings slated to be delivered by Christmas. In short, it didn’t happen. The principle designer on the project was tearing her hair out and the clients were unhappy, as they were expecting a house full of guests over the holidays. The fact is,  the design industry slows down considerably by mid-December and basically shuts down from Christmas to New Year’s, which makes the worse-case scenario very real.

So my recommendation is this:    start planning now, and chances are you can still make it happen!