My husband and I recently celebrated our 7th anniversary, which meant gifts of copper – if you follow the charts that tell you which material, or substance, represents your anniversary year.             

Even so, when I sat down to breakfast on the morning of our big day, I was surprised to find seven pennies on my placemat.

I was completely puzzled.

It took me a moment before I ‘got’ it. In the next instant, I was totally impressed by my husband’s cleverness.

In all my searching for an appropriate gift, I had never noticed the pennies in my wallet.

No worries, those pennies weren’t my actual gift.

But it did make me think about the many, obvious things we overlook everyday that are a little like those pennies.

I decided to turn those hypothetical pennies into some everyday hints for updating your décor – ideas that require little time or expense.

They’re simply there at your fingertips, ready for the picking. (more…)