“TO:  The Supreme Pontiff Julius II            

FROM:  M. Buonarroti, artist
RE:  Interior Decorating
Most Holy Father,
It grieves me that your Holiness is unhappy with the progress on the Sistine Chapel. Admittedly, it’s taken a little time and we’re into a slight cost overrun, but Your Holiness must admit this isn’t something that can be done with a numbered kit. It’s hard on the neck, too. And, while you don’t do the shopping, You must know the price of fresco colors is out of sight!
A couple more years should do it.
Your obedient servant,
P.S. I beg to point out to Your Holiness that there is nothing in the contract about scraping the sash in the Vatican Refectory. As I’ve said before, I don’t do windows.”
From an ancient account in Rome’s Vatican Library. Date has been effaced, but is believed to be circa AD 1510

Yes, you read correctly. This excerpt was written by that Michelangelo, the one of Sistine ceiling fame.

Yet, it could just as easily have been written yesterday.

When I first heard this quote, it was being read aloud before a room full of interior designers.

You can be sure it got a good laugh.

However, I think just about anyone can relate to Michelangelo’s words. For example, if you’ve ever taken on a project that ran into cost overruns, or was not completed on time, this letter will sound painfully familiar. (more…)