The fish were jumping at the river this past weekend.   

Most of the time, I wasn’t quick enough to see them jump, being pre-occupied with other things.

Momentarily distracted.

Instead, I saw the splash as their plump bodies landed in the water, sending out a ever widening ring of circles.

I’ve been noticing lately, how much more of life is taken in when I choose to be mindful of what is happening around me.

And yet, from day to day, it is so easy to be caught up in the business of Life and NOT notice.

Perhaps you’ve experienced these same moments of  “Oh, I missed it…”  whatever “it” might be.

The warmth of the sun, perhaps, during these early days of Fall – a touch of summer still hanging in the air.

Or perhaps it’s the comforts of home that are taken for granted. Of course, this means different things to different people.

It could be as simple as a comfortable bed to snuggle into at night, along with a warm quilt or another body next to you.

It could be a home-cooked meal, with ingredients fresh from the Farmer’s Market or perhaps a spa-like master bath, that envelopes you in luxury and pampering.

Sometimes all we need is the familiarity of a favorite chair, or the simple joy we feel from seeing our favorite colors.

Do you surround yourself each and every day with small things that give you pleasure?

Do you take the time to notice?

Rocky Situations

At our get-away cabin, on a river, there is a rocky beach on the opposite shore, which is just a stone’s throw away (pardon the pun).

From our vantage point, we watch as people show up on the beach from time to time, and it never fails that someone will pick up a rock and toss it into the river. Soon others join in. It’s as if they’re on a mission to clear the beach of every last stone. Young or old, male or female, they are equally caught up in this pastime.

We’re fascinated by this. It seems like a futile endeavor. We’re on a river, after all, and Mother Nature has the last word. In fact, every Fall and again in the Spring, when the water rises and sometimes floods, rocks, wood, and other debris will be washed up. Other things will float away. It’s a constant rhythm, one that continues year after year.

What about you? Do you have an on-going home-improvement project that seems futile, at times? As if you’re trying to empty a beach of every last stone? Perhaps things aren’t going exactly as planned. Or perhaps you’ve miscalculated the amount of work involved and are feeling overwhelmed and a little bit desperate. It’s best not to let yourself get to this point, because, let’s face it, this is where mistakes will happen.

If you are feeling desperate, you need to step back and take a deep breath. (Come to think of it, this applies to any part of your life, not just your home remodel).

Review what you are trying to accomplish, and what you’ve done so far. Then ask yourself:     Do I need to hire someone to help me figure this out? If the answer is ‘yes’, then DO it! The cost of even one mistake, can easily outdo the cost of hiring professional help.