Ah, the joys of travel.                      

Not only do we have to deal with the hassles of flying, but other healthy habits such as diet and exercise often fly out the window, adding to our level of frustration and fatigue.

I know it can be very hard to maintain our eco-friendly ways while on the road. We tend to opt for convenience when crunched for time, or when we’re tired and far from home.

Still, it is possible, and needn’t take too much effort.

So here are my tips on How to Travel Green:


Stay Hydrated

While it’s definitely important to stay hydrated while traveling, I think it’s equally important to consider the type of bottle you’re drinking out of.

Yet, how does one maintain proper fluid intake without going through gallons of water packaged in plastic bottles?

My method isn’t foolproof, but here it is:  I travel with a stainless steel water bottle. I empty it prior to passing through airport security, then request a refill at the nearest Starbucks.

A friend of mine gave me this tip a few years ago, and it really works!

Your second option is to buy bottled water, refill the stainless steel bottle, and then recycle the plastic container in the nearest recycle bin.

It may not always be possible to find a recycle bin, but I think this is more about doing what you can. Every little bit helps!

Remember – you’re travelling. It isn’t going to be perfect. If it comes down to choosing between quenching your thirst and staying ‘green’ – personally, I would choose the water every time.


Linens & Things

Have you noticed that more and more hotels are giving you an option whether to have your sheets and towels changed on a daily basis?

Sure, the luxury and pampering that comes with fresh linens every night is definitely nice, but is it really necessary?