“…of course, bigness isn’t the solution. It’s not quantity of space we need. It’s quality.” Sarah Susanka, architect & author of ‘The Not So Big House’

For those of you not familiar with Sarah Susanka and her inspirational series of books about “The Not So Big House” the above quote neatly sums up what it’s all about.                                           

According to Susanka, a Not So Big House is one that is “about you, and what makes you feel at home. Its scale isn’t its most important characteristic.”

For some, that might be a radical approach.

And yet, it makes perfect sense!

By placing a greater emphasis on the quality of your living space, versus the quantity of square footage  – not to mention all your stuff – the focus automatically shifts.

Suddenly, you are creating a home that truly speaks about you. Again, to borrow from Susanka, “what makes it better than other houses, is that it allows you to feel comfortable.”

Cause here’s the thing:

More space doesn’t necessarily mean more comfort.

In fact, the more overwhelming a room is in size, the less inviting it might be, which means the less likelihood the room will even be used.




I thought I’d share a singular chocolate adventure that I experienced during my recent trip to Asheville, NC.

A group of us had just shared a tasty meal at a local restaurant, and were considering dessert.         

All were in favor of visiting a local chocolate shop called The French Broad Chocolate Lounge.

Yes, that’s the correct name.

If it sounds a bit off-putting to you, rest assured that the French Broad happens to be the name of the local river that wends its way through town.

From that perspective, it’s a very fitting name indeed!

I wasn’t at all sure what to expect when I set foot inside the door but was immediately aware of the warmth that greeted us within, after the chill of the night air.

The fragrant, yet subtle scent of chocolate greeted me, and I followed my nose (and fellow diners) to the confectioners case filled with chocolate goodies of every variety imaginable.

This was truly a chocolate lovers haven!

What impressed me even more, though, was the selection of vegan truffles, made with coconut cream, instead of the usual dairy. The flavors had exquisite names like Strawberry-Balsamic, Buddha, and Pomegranate.