“I don’t think there is anything that communicates better than art. It is quicker than language and clearer than philosophy”. Frederick R. Weisman, Founder of the Frederick R Weisman Art Foundation


What do art, travel and this picture of a gardener have in common?

That’s easy.

The gardener – who isn’t real, by the way – was spotted in a private art collection, during a recent trip to Los Angeles.

The trip, taken with a group of Seattle Art Museum Docents,  was very similar in scope to last years’ exploration of Chicago.

As you can imagine, our whirlwind tour of the city focused on art. We were not disappointed.

I was particularly intrigued by the monumental collection of modern art amassed by the Philanthropist and art collector Frederick R. Weisman.

This impressive collection, housed in a privately owned Mediterranean-style villa, located in Beverly Hills, is not for the faint of heart.

Now, I am not a huge fan of modern art.

Yet, when I stepped inside the front entrance I immediately knew I was in for a treat.

Perhaps it was the ultra-realistic, life-size figure of a woman, dressed as an American tourist standing off to the side, obviously there to amuse and greet us.

I couldn’t get over the feeling that we were being watched, or that I might step on her toes.

She was not the sole human-scale sculpture in the house, I might add. My favorite one, apart from the gardener, was of an elderly gentleman asleep in his chair, book in hand.

Which once prompted some workers to call 911 because they couldn’t wake him up!