Earlier this week, many of us observed the arrival of the Spring Equinox.

Yes, Spring is here!

And while the temperatures in my area are still hovering in the low to mid 40’s, other parts of the country have experienced a heat wave.

If that’s the case where you live, you’ve probably tossed aside your winter clothing for something lightweight and cool.

We do this routinely, the re-organizing of our closets according to the seasons.

And yet, how often do we think about our homes?

Do you celebrate the beginning of Spring, trading out wintry-themed throw pillows with something fresh and summery?

Or do you rarely give it a moment’s thought?

Aside from holiday decorations at varying times of the year, our homes don’t necessarily reflect the seasons the way our wardrobes do.

And yet, our local stores our flaunting luscious Spring colors and bursting with new ideas, many of them easy to implement.

So why not take a cue from your favorite retailer and spruce things up a bit in your home?


Keep Things Fresh

Our homes can always benefit from a fresh look here and there.

Keep in mind, this doesn’t need to be expensive!

If you’ve been thinking for months about a new couch, then maybe it’s time to finally go shopping.

However, there are many fun, less costly things you can do to give your home a whole new look, just in time for Spring.

You can:

  • Re-arrange the furniture
  • Paint a wall or two, in a bright cheery color
  • Add colorful throw pillows
  • Slipcover the sofa
  • Decorate with flowers

None of these suggestions is overly elaborate or difficult to pull off.

As always, you want to keep in mind your personal color preferences – as opposed to trends, springtime or not.


Lighten Up

As you ‘lighten up’ during these warmer months, why not literally shed some weight with a little spring cleaning?



“The word playful is a necessary aspect of our work because one of the problems of our work is that we have to… produce lovely things throughout all our life”.

“How can you, without drying up, make things with the same pleasure, as a gift to others, for so long? The word playful is therefore an important part of our quality as a designer”.

Eva Zeisel, designer

Eva Zeisel, as you may know, is a world renowned ceramic designer who will soon be 104 years old.

This is a significant fact because Ms. Zeisel is still actively creating new products, no small accomplishment at her age.

Can you see why the ‘playful search for beauty’ that she refers to is so important? As she herself says, with an 80 plus year career, how else can you keep creating for so long without ‘drying up’?

Which means that, maintaining a sense of humor is always a good idea regardless of your age or job title.

For an interior designer, adding a touch of whimsy to a room design goes right along with this way of thinking.

In other words, interior design does not need to be a serious endeavor. Being playful, even whimsical, is not only OK it’s practically a requirement.

Perfection is a serious thing.