My son recently told me this story about his paternal grandfather, who was returning home to England after a short trip.

Seems the elderly gentleman had a bag of pomegranates in hand when he passed through Security at London’s Heathrow Airport.

“You can’t bring fruit into the country” he was told.

He couldn’t bear the thought of having to part with his beloved fruit, but knew he didn’t have a choice. He felt defeated.

Then suddenly he had an idea.

“I want to eat them”, he said, “Is there a place where I could sit?”

The security officer directed him to a chair. The grandfather sat down and proceeded to eat the pomegranates.

This struck me as particularly funny because he had a total of 20 pomegranates!

Plus, he is a man of very slight build, who gives the impression that a gust of wind might blow him over.

Yet, he sat there and ate the pomegranates.

All twenty of them.

I had to admire his tenacity.

It seems that when faced with adversity there are two basic personality types. There are those that simply give up and throw in the towel.

Then there are those who get creative.