Have you heard about the Sound Suits that have invaded Seattle?  

If you’ve been following me on Facebook, or Twitter, you’ve likely seen some of my posts or tweets, referencing the artist Nick Cave and his amazing Sound Suits, currently on view at the Seattle Art Museum in an exhibit titled:

“Meet Me At The Center of the Earth”.

As a museum Docent, I’m lucky enough to be touring this show. Yesterday, I had the pleasure of leading 2nd & 6th Graders through the exhibit, inviting them to let their imaginations soar as we explored this strange new world.

So – what exactly IS a Sound Suit?

According to the artist, Nick Cave, the first Sound Suit was born when he was sitting on a park bench, and noticed a twig lying on the ground. That single twig was the spark for his future creations.

With a background in fashion and design, and the Rodney King incident fresh in his mind, he had the idea to create a protective garment.

So, the single twig became a mountain of twigs that were painstakingly cut to size, pierced at one end, and sewn onto cloth. The result was a pair of pants and a shirt, made to fit the artist.

It was then he realized he’d basically created a suit.

He slipped it on – carefully, I presume, since it was made of twigs – and when he started to move, he noticed the twigs made a sound.

It was a happy accident, yet the Sound Suit had been born.