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The dental assistant had a question.

“Is Teal in?”she wanted to know.

She went on to explain that she wanted to repaint her Master Bedroom and the color teal really appealed to her.

She just wasn’t sure it was the “in” color to use.

While I generally don’t hand out free advice, I couldn’t resist this one.

I told her to forget what colors are “in” and paint her bedroom whatever favorite color she wanted.

It was her bedroom, after all!

A few days later, another acquaintance was lamenting the large amount of dark wood in her home – dark oak floors, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, and walls.

Her husband had suggested painting them.

“But,” she wondered aloud, “What happens if ten years from now dark wood is again back in style?”

She wasn’t asking my opinion, so I didn’t provide it, but here’s the thing.

Fads are just that.

They come and go.

What your heart and your gut are telling you – that’s what you want to pay attention to!

Your home needs to be about you and the things you love.

Whether you love teal, or your home is too dark and you want to lighten things up, I say – go for it!

Here’s another example.



Some design decisions can seem really mundane.                              

To illustrate what I mean, I thought I’d share with you my own decision-making process during another D. O.D. – also referred to as  ‘Designer’s Own Dilemma’.

As it happens, I’m currently in the process of re-designing my home office. A few days ago, I found myself trying to decide between 1/8” and 1/4” corkboard for a memo-board behind my desk.

Yes, I know, that’s a mere 1/8” difference.

Is that really SO important?


Here are a few reasons why those seemingly unimportant details aren’t so mundane after all.

1    The Design Is In the Details.

The details matter. A lot.

As an interior designer, if my measurements are off in any one part of a design, it could definitely affect the final outcome for any given project.

But 1/8”, you say?

Well, if my measurements are off  by 1/8” here, ½” there and ¼” somewhere else, that starts to add up.

Here’s another way of looking at it:  let’s go back to that corkboard for a minute. As part of my own decision-making process, I actually grabbed a push-pin and measured the tip, which was about ½”.


I found that the push-pin , when pressed into the corkboard, didn’t fully adhere to the wall, because the thinner board wasn’t quite thick enough.

That very small detail – what some might consider infinitesimal – mattered to me.

You see, I wanted that corkboard for a reason  –  and I could see that every time I tried to tack something to the wall it would likely fall off, for lack of support.

I decided on the thicker board.

2    Listen to Your Gut

“It’s harder to install the ¼” corkboard.”

That piece of advice came from the installer. Well, I certainly didn’t want to make his job more difficult for him, and before I knew it, I was bending over backward to accommodate him.

Wait a minute – what’s wrong with that picture?

Why was I even worried about what the installer might think?

It doesn’t make a lot of sense, yet we do these things to ourselves.

We ignore that inner voice, and make decisions based on what we THINK we should do, not what we really WANT.

Please don’t make that same mistake.



In the midst of the hectic holiday season, I’ve decided to offer something light and uncomplicated.Mini

The scene:  a quiet Wednesday afternoon hanging out at a MINI dealership, while waiting for an oil change. Exciting stuff, I know.

Except that the dealership has a fun gift shop, filled with unique car accessories. Even the chairs in the waiting area are fun. (I snapped a photo).

I noticed a rack of postcards highlighting the features of MINI ownership, and the title ‘Build Your Own Brochure’ caught my eye. The idea was to assemble your own reference set of postcards, based on your personal preferences for the car of your dreams. The end result would be a brochure, unique to you.

Cool, I thought to myself.

As I stood there admiring the display, the words started to morph into something else.

In my mind’s eye, the interior designer in me was seeing ‘Build Your Own Design’. In other words, based on your own set of personal preferences, you could build the home of your dreams by creating a similar ‘brochure’.

Here is how an interior design project typically comes together:

You hire an Interior Designer. Together you decide what the different ‘features’ of your project will be. Most likely, you already have a basic idea in mind but the designer will help you tweak things and gain some clarity as to cost, feasibility, and so forth.

These features then become the components of your personal ‘Brochure’.

Is it going to be a Kitchen and Bathroom remodel? Or is it strictly new Furniture that you need? Perhaps a Color Scheme and new paint colors are in order? What about Lighting? Flooring? Window treatments?

Do you want to select from products that are sustainable, and green?

The list is endless, yes, but that is also the best part! See, with your home, you are allowed to do what you want and dream big.

All you have to do is assemble an awesome brochure!