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What’s Your Personality Type?

I’ve been learning about different personality types. Four basic ones, to be exact.

Perhaps you’ll recognize yourself as highly Analytical, always gathering facts before you make a decision. Others don’t care so much about details and are more in touch with their feelings. Maybe you’re an Expressive, creative, fun-loving person, who is always the life of the party?

Some of us are Drivers, i.e. we know exactly what we want and we want it done yesterday. It doesn’t even have to be perfect, we just want the job done. Finally, there’s the Amiable among us, always getting along with everyone else to the point that we often acquiesce.

Differences show up on many different levels. Are you a reserved, laid-back sort? Or do people describe you as outgoing, even ‘colorful’?

Perhaps you see yourself here? Of course, I’m giving you a very basic summary, but it’s an intriguing exercise in human relationships. It isn’t as simple as it might seem, though. But, maybe that’s just me, over-analyzing everything.

Of Mice and Potholders

Last Saturday, we drove up to our get-away cabin for the weekend. The minute we walked in the kitchen door, we noticed the distinct odor of  ‘dead mouse’. (I should set the scene:  cabin in the woods, by a river, rustic – you get the picture).

It was easy to pin-point the source:  in the kitchen, by the stove. We looked everywhere. Under the stove, in the oven, checked all the burners, the wood stove, the array of mugs on the counter – nothing. Then I noticed the potholders hanging next to the stove; one of them had a slight bulge. Sure enough, our elusive mouse had fallen into a potholder, thereby sealing it’s fate.

I couldn’t help but be reminded of how the most unexpected things can happen in the oddest places. I mean, a mouse falling in a potholder? This was definitely a first.

It’s a fact of life, the unexpected. There are times, such as when I’m traveling, that I know to expect the unusual adventure or two, that will inevitably become part of the story I weave about my trip.

For anyone attempting a home remodel or construction, that is another time to be prepared for the inevitable  surprises along the way, be it delays with materials, deliveries, or maybe your contractor. In the end, it all becomes part of your personal ‘story’, interwoven with many other stories from the past.