Last week, I shared a rather unique concept in “Have Yourself a Color Party”.

(If you haven’t already read that article, you might want to click here).

This is all about creating a Color Scheme, something that is fairly basic to almost any home design project.

Yet, how does one create a Color Scheme?

Broken down to it’s essence, it’s a simple matter of knowing which colors to invite to the “party”!

And yes, there are Rules.


Purchase a Color Wheel

A color wheel is a handy tool that can be purchased at any art supply store.

This is a great resource for educating yourself on color, especially if you are unfamiliar with terms like ‘complementary’, or analogous’, or the meaning of hues, tints and tones.

Brushing up before hand, so you can address your guests accordingly, is always a good idea.


Consider a Theme

What mood are you striving for?

A few words come to mind:

Sensuous  – As in slightly exotic, with  rich reds, browns, and gold

Nurturing  – Earth tones, in varying shades of green or brown

Contemplative or Serene  – A watery theme of cool blues and greens, mixed with neutrals such as taupe, beige, or off-white

Dramatic  – Strong, jewel-toned colors, such as a sunny yellow, that can lend excitement to your space

Elegant  – Black and white, chocolate brown, and other neutrals come to mind


Refine Your Guest List

The guests here, being the colors, of course.

Based on the theme you’ve selected, invite groupings of the most appealing colors to your party.

Keep in mind existing surfaces that you don’t plan to change, such as floors and carpeting.

Remember – you want everyone to get along!

Be ruthless in eliminating colors that tend to show up with an Attitude – they should not be invited.


Have Fun with Paint Samples

You can always rely on traditional paint chips, available at most paint supply stores, but I like some of the more innovative sample pots of actual paint, that are also readily available.

YOLO Colorhouse offers large sheets of paper painted with the actual paint color, so there’s no guessing if the color you’re seeing is the ‘true’ color , or not.

The coolest part is the sticky tape on the back which allows you to temporarily attach the painted papers to your walls.

This way, you can see firsthand if the color scheme is to your liking.

A quick word about eco-friendly paint options:

Do yourself, and your guests, a favor by choosing sustainable paints that will be kind to your health and the environment.


Don’t Give Up    

Despite your best efforts, your guests may still misbehave.

They may try to steal the spotlight, and not let others have their moment to shine.

Give yourself time to re-coup, then invite a different group of guests and try again.

Ask them to leave their egos at the door.

(And if you’re really stuck, you can always hire outside help).

So there you have it!

Choose your project, review the Rules above, and throw yourself a Color Party.

Let me know how it goes.