OK, that’s a trick question.

Strictly speaking, most rooms have just four walls.

However, it’s important not to overlook the floor and ceiling – the other ‘walls’ in the room.

It’s what we call looking at the big picture.

So the correct answer here – you guessed it – is six.

Yes, whether walls, floors or ceilings – when designing a home, everything counts.

It’s the ceiling, though, that tends to get overlooked.

Other than a coat of paint, and a light fixture, you might be thinking what more does it need?

As with everything else, the details matter.

This means careful consideration of the paint color, specifically whether to go with a lighter shade, or dark.

Usually, the advice is to use a slightly lighter shade, especially if your ceilings are low.

However, a very high ceiling room easily lends itself to a darker shade – thus giving the illusion of a lower height.

As for the light fixture, choose something spectacular if you really want to play up the ‘wow’ factor!

The walls in any given room are an invitation to be creative.

It is hard to enter a room and not notice them – whether it is the color (or lack thereof), the artwork or the window treatments.

However, by choosing the right combination of paint colors and accessories you will have the perfect backdrop for the rest of your décor.

You can play up the color, or scale things down, display your travel mementos and art collection, or try a minimalist approach.

The choice is entirely yours.

Lastly, don’t forget what’s underfoot.

Whether you prefer the soft cushioning of wall-to-wall carpet, or the simplicity of wood floors or natural stone – your choice of flooring is what anchors the room.

In fact, it’s usually best to start with the floors, then work your way up the walls to the ceiling.

Again, you can keep things simple, or be highly decorative.

Either way, you are defining your personal style every step of the way.