“Ambivalence – is the liminal point between the problem and the solution.”


It’s that point of uncertainty, when you’re not sure what to do next and perhaps terrified of making a mistake.

Let’s say you’ve been thinking about a kitchen remodel, or are toying with the idea of re-decorating your home.

Let’s also say you’re feeling overwhelmed by the details and not sure where to even begin.

Could be you’re stalling.

A few days ago, I was talking to a couple of friends, both interior designers. The one friend is planning to remodel her townhouse and is brimming with new ideas.

She’s a designer, after all.

Still, she’s not sure where to begin.

She’s stalling for time.

The intentions are usually good.

Still, you might be feeling stuck, not sure what to do with the old furniture for starters.

(It’s a classic case of “Designer’s Own Dilemma”) .

For many of us, that is the BIG question,  i.e  what to do with the old furniture?

Do we donate it, sell it or give away?

And to whom?

The point is that, the minute we feel stuck, that’s when the design process ends.

So you’re not alone with your indecision, if that’s what’s happening to you.

Even interior designers know how to stall, especially when it comes to their own homes!

So – how does one get un-stuck?

I recommend baby steps.

Assuming that you’re already given yourself time to dream, it’s time to take stock and evaluate how realistic your plans are.

Start with a few phone calls. Do your research by searching the web. Get bids. Ask for professional assistance if you need it, it’s worth its weight in gold!

Then set a Goal.

Decide on a date when you’d like your project to be complete, and remember, you don’t need to finish everything at once!

Take time to enjoy the process and to celebrate what you love!