A recent article on creating Harmony in ones’ work place, has inspired today’s post.

Perhaps you’ve wondered how you might improve the energy in your workspace.

Whether or not your office is in your home, these simple design suggestions will give you something to think about.

By no means are these ideas limited to just your office – you can apply this to any place in your home.


Do Aim for Clean, Uncluttered Surfaces

We don’t always realize how important it is to have our work areas impeccably organized, with a designated place for everything to be stored.

The tendency is to have little piles on our desk, each one representing a portion of our To Do list for the next day.

Do you really tackle each of those little piles on a daily basis?

I know I don’t.

And yet, I’m fearful of storing things away, being very guilty of an “out of sight, out of mind” mentality.

Here’s the thing, though:  according to Chinese Feng Shui, having too many things on your work surface can impede the flow of energy, or chi.

There is a lot of truth in this ancient wisdom, so take heed.

Clear up your work surfaces, and find a home for all your knickknacks and unnecessary items.

Even better, be sure to extend the effort to every area of your home that tends to collect stuff – be it your kitchen, your favorite coffee table with stacks of magazines and clippings, or a bathroom counter.


Don’t Turn Your Back on the Door

From a purely logical standpoint, it simply feels more comfortable to have a clear view of your office door, so you can see what is going on.

This one simple act can eliminate the sense of someone sneaking up on you from behind.

Instead, try to position your chair so that you sit with a solid wall behind your back, rather than a window.  

According to Feng Shui guidelines, this symbolizes that you have appropriate support behind you.


Use Color to Shift the Energy

Color does wonders for a room!

There are any number of ways to introduce color into your workspace, the most obvious being your choice of wall color and furnishings.

Feel free to paint the wall in your favorite color, or paint just an accent wall.

Whichever approach you choose, be sure to tune in to whatever colors seem to work best for you.

While a brightly painted red wall might do wonders for the energy in the room – if red isn’t a color you normally gravitate toward– that might not be the best choice for your workspace.

For some, a better approach is to keep the walls fairly neutral, then install a vibrant work of art.


Do Allow Proper Lighting

Lighting is important in every room of your home, and your office is no exception.

Not only will you need general lighting overhead, but lighting specific to the task at hand is also essential.

If your office has one or more windows, please don’t overlook daylight.

That said, it’s best to have light from a window hit your work surface sideways, or at an angle – try to avoid sitting with your back to a window, if at all possible.


Don’t Accept Poor Air Quality

Paint, carpeting, furnishings and household cleaning products are among the most common sources for introducing toxins into your home.

Each of these can potentially ‘out-gas’ toxic fumes for months on end, permeating the air that we breathe.

While you may not be able to instantly replace the carpet in your home office, please consider using non-toxic, low VOC paints on your walls.

The beauty of these eco-conscious products is that you can breathe easily in your home within minutes of painting your walls.

Another efficient way to clear the air in any room, and eliminate the need to open a window in the dead of winter, is to introduce air-purifying plants.

How’s that for improving your workspace?

Make it a habit to breathe new life into your living and work spaces, each and every day.