We hear a lot about Cleansing and Detoxing the body.

But have you ever considered a Cleanse for the home?

It’s the same idea, really.

You’re getting rid of the old to make way for the new.

A friend recently suggested that I read a book called “Soul Space” and I’m sharing with you here, because I was absolutely captivated by it, as it so closely resembles my own design philosophy in an uncanny kind of way.

You see, a few weeks ago, if anyone had asked, I would have said there are very few things in my home I don’t love.

The idea of celebrating the beauty around you and surrounding yourself with things you love is something I’ve written about many times.

After all, it’s a key step in writing you Bio.

(You know, the one that’s written without words).

Until I read this book, I never thought twice about the living room chair that I ‘inherited’ from a former retail space – along with the business – when a former business partner and I parted ways.

So here’s the thing.

I don’t love that chair.

Do I use it?


It’s too big and deep for me, and I avoid sitting in it whenever possible.

When you look at it that way, it’s kind of silly to keep it, isn’t it?

Do you have anything similar to that in your own home?

These are exactly the sort of probing questions that the Soul Space author, Xorin Balbes, encourages.

He wants us to go deep, and really think twice about the negative energy connected to the things we own.

Because those are the things that probably aren’t worth keeping.

Here’s another example, based on the question “Do you have any furniture that blocks the flow throughout your home?

My immediate answer was “No, of course not.”

Next thing I knew, I was reading a passage about someone with a piano front and center in her living room.

Turns out, this woman hated her piano – because it reminded her of the endless practice sessions she endured while growing up.

It was like a huge light bulb went off in my mind.

I could so relate to this person, since I too, have negative memories of piano lessons and having to practice, practice, practice whether I wanted to or not.

Maybe that resonates for you as well.

And yet, there’s a piano in my living room.

Do I play it?


Does anyone else in the family ever play it?


Not only that – and even more shocking – was the realization that the upright piano partially blocks the path to a short flight of stairs.

I was blocking the energy flow in my own home, and didn’t even know it.

Talk about ‘aha’ moments!

The concept of Cleansing your space isn’t new.

In fact, a Cleanse phase is even included with Designer in a Box, for the very reason that I consider it SO important.

So, take a moment and look around you.

What furniture do you own that you no longer love, or have perhaps outgrown?

What is the energy emitted from that chest of drawers, or chair or sofa?

What memories are attached to it?

Is it positive or negative?

What other blocks do you see – literally or otherwise?

Maybe it’s time for a Cleanse?