“Your home is your personal canvas – a place for celebrating Beauty”.


Here’s a little quiz I’ve put together, to re-vitalize your home decorating skills during these hot, lazy summer days.

Please note, this is intended to be fun!

Even better – your answers will not be graded.


Question #1:

Summer is the worst time of year to even consider an interior design project.
T or F

False. If you are thinking of re-decorating, or having a picture perfect new dining room by the holidays, NOW is the time to kick things into high gear!

Especially if your plans involve anything custom, or lining up vendors and/or contractors – you need to plan several months ahead.


Most workrooms and manufacturers have a cutoff date for the holidays. If you wait too long, your dream project simply won’t happen in time.

Question #2:

The best, and most obvious, reason to hire an interior design is because you can afford to do so. T or F

False. The best reason to hire an interior designer is when you’re feeling completely overwhelmed, and short on time & ideas.

Not to mention having access to a much broader scope of resources, for whatever your heart desires.

By the way, if you love interior design and are always re-arranging things in your home, check out this link – especially if you frequently worry “Am I doing this right?

Question #3:

Working with an Interior Designer can sometimes lead to bargains. T or F

True. Some designers will pass along showroom discounts; other times, you might be lucky enough to score exactly the item you are looking for – on Sale – at an exclusive designer showroom.

One of my clients experienced such a lucky find earlier this year, resulting in a beautifully made, high-end living room sofa at a bargain price.

That means, the quality of construction was beyond compare.

And the client couldn’t have been happier!

Question #4:

Interior Design services are expensive, and could easily use up all my savings.  T of  F

False. Sure, if you have an unlimited budget, you could spend accordingly, but almost everyone DOES have a budget and it’s part of the interior designer’s job to respect that.

What you are paying for is the designer’s experience, expertise and creativity – plus anything else you feel less than qualified to handle yourself.

So, while interior design services WILL cost you money, the gains will far outweigh the price of any fees.

Question #5:

Most Interior Designers will insist that I follow their advice, and will likely not welcome my input. T or F

False.  A good interior designer will always welcome your opinion. Keep in mind that you will always have the final word on every purchase.

From the start, it’s important that you find a designer you feel compatible with – someone who not only understands your tastes but who will also challenge you to break new ground.

That in itself is a huge benefit.

It’s perfectly OK if you don’t always agree with your designer, as long as you respect their professional expertise.

It might help if you think of this a partnership – that you’re working together to achieve the best possible outcome, for something you will truly love.


Question #6:

I hear you have an on-line program that can teach me how to decorate like a PRO without hiring an Interior Designer. Is that really possible? T or F

True. The answer is a resounding YES!

The program you’re referring to is my newest creation – The Living Green Blueprint – a complete, self-contained, SYSTEM that I designed for Home decorators like yourself.

Best of all, you get to design exactly the kind of personalized, interactive experience you want, depending on which tier you opt into.

It’s like having your own, VIRTUAL Interior Designer at your fingertips!

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