We were standing in the living room of my client’s home.

As we looked around us, taking in the handiwork of the previous owners, it was clear that my client wanted to make this house her own.

That’s when she declared “I want to have an absolute Zen-like space to come home to.”

That one statement set a very clear vision for the project.

Sparsely furnished, this particular home would be clean-lined and minimalist, with Asian overtones in the bamboo floors and accessories.

Plus, there would be plenty of built-in storage to avoid clutter.

It was the sort of project that took an entire team to pull off.

Well, you might not be in need of an entire team.

But, perhaps you’re drawn to the idea of a peaceful, Zen-like space to come home to.

You may also love the idea of having someone to bounce your ideas off of and help you pull the project together – from start to finish.

That’s what I call Total Zen.

In this level of my Designer in a Box program, I’m there to help you weave some of that magic into your home.

The best part is, whether you’re local, or long-distance – it doesn’t matter!

You get many of the same benefits as you would working with an interior designer in person – but I won’t be invading your privacy!

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As a closing thought, here’s an exercise for you to try.

Select your favorite home design magazine and leaf through it.

Your goal is to spot as many interior design tips as you possibly can, especially ones that relate to your project.

Chances are you won’t find exactly what you need when you need it.

Which is really the beauty of Designer in a Box – it’s a single, complete Resource, with everything you need all in one place.

Plus an interior design professional for virtual assistance at your fingertips.

That’s how to achieve Total Zen.