If you’ve been reading my blog lately, then you know that I’ve been gearing up to launch my brand new Interior Design Program DESIGNER IN A BOX.

And I’m guessing you have some questions.

Perhaps the most pressing one – correct me if I’m wrong – is this:

How do you know if Designer in a Box is right for you?

Well, here’s a hypothetical scenario:

Let’s say you’ve decided to redecorate your living room and create a space that is invitingly cozy and comfortable and reflects everything you are passionate about.

So, you head over to your favorite big-box furniture store that is currently having a big Sale.

An eager and attentive salesperson comes to your aid, and ultimately convinces you to buy a beautiful white, leather sofa.

You are certain this is exactly what you need.

A few days later, the sofa is delivered to your home.

You’re surprised to learn that it is a little large for the space – you thought it was such a perfect fit!

And while you still think the sofa is attractive, you’re not quite so sure anymore that you’ve made the correct choice.

So you call your mother, and some friends.

Your mother says you need some color. She suggests you paint the walls and recommends a vivid red.

Your friends agree. They suggest you add some colorful throw pillows so you promptly run out and buy some at your favorite store.

A week later, the room has been completely transformed.

You have a bright red accent wall, colorful throw pillows and that beautiful white sofa, but something still doesn’t feel right.

You’ve no idea what’s wrong.

Well, here’s the thing.

Instead of creating a room that is invitingly cozy and comfortable, the hypothetical space I’ve described here feels more contemporary, even bordering on retro.

And that’s because you created a room based on what the salesperson, your mother and your friends liked.

Even though your friends and family meant well – they aren’t YOU!

So, while introducing color was actually a good idea – the end result was not what you wanted.

Well, not to worry.

If this scenario describes you and your past efforts at decorating your home, help has finally arrived!

Designer-in-a-Box is also perfect for you if you answer YES to any of the following:

  • You’ve tackled an interior design project in your home but felt the results were less than satisfactory
  • In the past, some of your mistakes have ended up costing you even more money, as you tried to repair the damage
  • You’ve always wanted to hire an Interior Designer, but believed you couldn’t afford it

All this and more is why I’m so excited to announce the imminent arrival of  DESIGNER IN A BOX!

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Happy Designing!