In my FREE Offer “7 Ways to Create Harmony in Your Home”, I discuss the need to honor the architectural style of your home.

I also emphasize the need to keep in mind the century in which you live! 

What do I mean by this?

This past weekend, I realized I had the perfect example to share with you, sitting right in my own back yard, so to speak.

You see, my family owns a log cabin nestled in the woods.

This log cabin gives the impression of being straight out of “Little House in the Big Woods” – the acclaimed series of books by Laura Ingalls Wilder – although, unlike the cabin in the book, we do have electricity and running water.

Even so, it’s quaint and rustic, and cozy all in one package.

So, how does one decorate a log cabin?

How does one honor the unique style of architecture in such a home?

To my mind, the name alone evokes images of a quaint and rustic lifestyle, and that is a good place to start.

The location of the cabin also figures in and is always an important consideration. In this case, it’s in the woods – as I mentioned – with a river outside the front door.

In the off-season, the heat and water are turned off, and even though the climate is generally mild it can still get very cold and damp inside.

(These are always things to think about, regardless of where you live).

All of this would suggest nothing too fancy.

With that in mind, one could easily focus on the rustic style and invoke a traditional lodge look with lots of wood furnishings and chintz, and maybe a set of deer antlers above the stone fireplace.

I think you get the picture.

The interior is dark, by the way, due to all the logs that make up the frame of the cabin.

At times, adequate lighting is a challenge, especially at night.

One trick I’ve used to lighten things up, is to offset the darkness with creamy white, and other light colors – in the sofa cushions, towels and linens, and colorful throw pillows.

Another approach is to furnish the place with cast-offs from a previous residence.

You know, those things that many of us tend to have around the house that still have some life in them, but no longer serve a purpose?

When the house was purchased, thirty-five years ago, it was filled with dated furnishings that were still fully functional, so my parents felt there was no immediate need to replace anything.

As the years wore on, it became even easier to justify, since new furnishings wouldn’t hold up well to the cold, damp winters and the wooded setting.

Everything was still “perfectly good” as my mother liked to say.

Even so, at some point it usually does become necessary to replace a thing or two and to update the décor and bring it into the 21st century.

You want to keep things fresh!

Yes, even in a log cabin in the woods.

And that’s exactly what has happened, as a younger generation (meaning my husband and I) has moved in and taken over as current caretakers of the family compound.

The first big challenge was changing out the lumpy, mouse infested living room sofa, which he & I had lovingly nicknamed the “mouse hotel”.

My mother protested, claiming there was nothing wrong with the sofa in its current state.

I politely pointed out that she wasn’t the one who sat in the sofa.

This was true, since she always sat in her favorite chair. And so she relented.

My point here is two-fold.

One is the matter of recognizing the need to update furnishings from time to time, especially if they are worn out, or in this case infested with mice.

The second issue is one of comfort.

We can convince ourselves that there is nothing wrong with a lumpy sofa, or mattress, or worn-out towels – they still do the job they were meant to do.

Yet, what about your personal comfort?

Regardless of the location, any residence where you spend a good deal of your time needs to not only be comfortable, but also support your modern lifestyle.

So, how does one make a log cabin comfortable?

The living room sofa was a good start. Since then, we’ve updated the beds, and linens, stocked up on plush towels and replaced the worn carpet with one of my favorite solutions – highly durable and easy to install carpet tiles!

Other house hold items have also gotten an update, especially in the kitchen, which is a mix of modern and traditional. With its quaint wood stove, funky cabinetry and modern appliances, it is still warm and functional.

This was important to me, since I like to cook!

And this is exactly what I mean by supporting your lifestyle, your hobbies and your personal comfort, while still honoring the architecture of your home.

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