“They are architects of furniture who designed comfortable, livable pieces that define space in a dynamic way….They built temples for your body.”

David Jameson, Architect                                         


The above quote was in reference to Hans Wegner and Poul Kjaerholm, two remarkable furniture designers of the early twentieth century.

Think about it.

Imagine having a “temple for your body”.

I don’t know about you, but I think that sounds heavenly.

As I write this, I’m on a quest. I’m looking for comfortable furniture, specifically a perfect chair – one that will envelope my body and fit me like a glove.

I dream of a chair that will allow me to sit comfortably for hours on end, without having to constantly re-position my posterior for greater comfort.

Or squirm in my seat to keep from sliding off, because my feet don’t quite touch the floor.

Being ‘height challenged’ – seating of any kind is usually too deep. (Plus most countertops and upper cabinets are too high, but I digress).

In a typical day, we put our bodies through a lot of stress, from physical exercise, hours sitting at a computer, poor posture in general, and – oh,yes – carrying around excess weight.

Any one of these places extra stress on our muscles and joints.

It’s no wonder, then, that at the end of the day our tired, sore bodies are craving a comfortable place to rest.

A temple, so to speak.

Our homes are meant to be a sanctuary. A place to escape the daily grind, to unwind and be with family, and to be our truest selves.

To truly be a sanctuary, your home must also meet your every need, including your personal comfort!

This means that the idea of ‘sanctuary’ must extend to the furnishings in your home!

Are you ready to create a temple for your body?