We all have our favorite colors.

The ones we’re drawn to instinctively in the way we dress and what we surround ourselves with in our homes.

Me, I like blue, especially a faded blue, one that leans toward blue-grey. Other days I might be more in the mood for yellow.

Speaking of moods, who among us hasn’t had ‘one of those days’, the kind where you look in your closet and nothing suits your dark mood but black.

So you dress yourself in black, head to toe, and head out the door.

That’s a good example of your Internal Color Compass dictating what you should wear, based on your mood.

Of course, this internal compass can serve you just as well when you’re feeling sunny and upbeat, and it can also help determine the color palette in your home.

The following four Color Palettes were shared at a recent Sherwin Williams Color Forecast presentation.

If you’ve never thought beyond your favorite color and considered your Internal Color Compass, this might be fun for you to play with.

I’m sure you’ll recognize yourself in one of them.


Restless Nomad

You’ve only to think of all the journeys you’ve taken, imaginary and otherwise, to recognize your inner nomad.

If you’re also drawn to exotic prints, vibrant colors and a patchwork of far & distant cultures, this color palette will certainly feel familiar to you.

You might even be old enough to remember the enormous impact The Beatles had on contemporary culture in the ‘60’s, when they embraced Indian music and influenced the paisley trend of that era.


Gentle Medley

The word vintage comes to mind, as in globes, maps and books, and even hand tinted sepia prints.

The colors evoked are soft and airy, and very subtle – nothing too saturated. The style is somewhat eclectic, evoking a fondness for gentler, easier times.

Does this describe you?


Purely Refined

Here we have elegance and subtle understatement, along with exquisite tailoring. You seek heirloom quality in antiques, fashion and design.

This color type whispers to you of hand crafted, one of a kind elegance, possibly custom, often whimsical.

Think hand-dyed fabric, natural linens and organic materials. For anyone leaning towards luxury and refinement this is probably your general style.


Bold Invention

In any given society, bold invention often grows out of cultural unrest.

It is typically vibrant, and technology driven and is at once artsy, highly expressive, graphic and even experimental.

On those high-energy days when you’re feeling a spontaneous and bold desire for self-expression – go for it!