For Christmas this year, I gave my husband this little footstool – complete with a ski scene.

My husband happens to be the skier in our family, and an avid one at that, and so – I couldn’t resist.

Does it fit our décor?

Well, not exactly – although, I did intend this footstool for our Family Room, the most relaxed and informal part of the house.

Plus, the furnishings in this room are fairly neutral.

Which, to me, means that pretty much anything can work in this space.

I also have in mind that this particular ski-themed footstool, is a seasonal item that will likely go into storage over the summer months.

I share this with you today to help illustrate a point, which is the importance of blending the personal hobbies and interests of various family members into the overall décor.

You needn’t limit yourself to just the children’s rooms, the home office or your kitchen.

These small, personal touches belong anywhere and everywhere that your family likes to hang out.

Because this, more than anything, is what adds to the warmth and comfort of this place you call home.