I finally had a chance to get caught up with my movie viewing this past weekend, something I don’t do too often. 

I happened to watch “Up In The Air”, the one with George Clooney. I particular liked the Clooney character’s motivational speeches.

I found them quite, well – motivational.

Just to refresh your memory, he first posed the question:  “How much does your Life weigh?”

He then proceeded to challenge his audience to picture every single item that takes up room in the lives, and pack it into a hypothetical suitcase.

The next step was to try and move that suitcase, which of course was so laden down with accumulated stuff that it wouldn’t even budge.

The question that popped into my mind at this point was:

“How much does your Home weigh?”

It’s the same concept, really.

Our homes are filled with stuff, no question about it. Much of it is necessary. Things like furniture, a bed to sleep in, a chair to sit on. Then we have appliances, like a refrigerator, a stove, and so forth.

It’s all necessary. At least, I know I couldn’t live without any of those things.

Then we come to our closets full of clothing, and our home offices full of computers and files and all kinds of paperwork.

Much of this is also necessary.

But often, we have much more than we actually use, or need.

Trust me, I’m as guilty as the next person. I’m always asking myself “Do I really need this? What is enough and what is too much?”

“If I get rid of that extra set of dishes, what if I suddenly need them next week?”

There are many “What if’s?”

In answer to the first question “How much does your Home weigh?” I’d have to admit, my home probably does weigh a lot!

How about you?

Does your home need to lose the ‘extra weight’?