Are you familiar with the history of the chair?  

Did you know that the chair, as we know it today, has only been around for a few hundred years? Back in the 16th century, you had to be somebody Very Important to sit in a chair, let alone own one.

In fact, that is where the word “Chairman” comes from.

As in, Chairman of the Board. The ‘Chair’ of a committee. The head of the table.

The person with the Chair!

In earlier times, everyone else sat on hard wooden stools or benches. No-one concerned themselves with thoughts of comfort. Indeed, the very idea of comfort didn’t even exist.

It’s hard to believe, isn’t it?

In celebration of the modern chair, I thought I’d share with you two of my favorite designs.


‘Ghost Chair’ by Philippe Starck

This chair, pictured above, is by the notable designer Philippe Starck. It is one of my all-time favorites, and here’s why:

I love that it’s inspired by a centuries-old design of a Louis XV Chair – straight out of 18th century France. A chair that, 250 years ago  was the height of modernity & comfort.

Today’s Ghost Chair is also completely modern – with a ‘barely there’ presence – since it is made out of clear polyurethane, rather than wood.

This classic chair has been given a completely updated look, simply by changing the material. I consider this the best of both worlds.

Although this chair is also available in solid black, or white, I prefer the ‘barely there’ look. This is a chair that while physically present in a room, takes up so little space it feels like it isn’t there.

Making it stylish and whimsical at the same time.

Plus it’s surprisingly comfortable, and resistant to both weather and scratches, making it ideal for either indoor or outdoor seating.

What more can I say?


‘Topiary Arm Chair’  Richard Schultz

The unusual ‘topiary’ pattern is meant to evoke the feel of dappled light filtering through trees.

Which makes this chair both functional and playful, scoring big points in my book.

Brightly painted, the chair is available in a variety of colors – brilliant yellow, white, red, sky blue or a lush forest green.

This fun little garden chair works in any setting, but does best in a shady corner of your yard. I’ve found that the metal can get very hot on a sizzling summers’ day, so for ease & comfort I think shade works best.

I’ve also used this chair successfully indoors.

With the right furnishings, it can add the perfect touch of whimsy to any room, indoors or out.