On the heels of a recent post titled “Designing Not So Big”, I came across this headline while browsing through a magazine:

‘THINK BIG’                                                                                                    

My first thought was – “Oh no” – they’ve taken a similar message & have turned it around to say the exact opposite.

But then I read the smaller print, which said:



I didn’t need to read any further.

You see, I’d already come up with my own reasons why ‘Thinking Small’ can help you to ‘Live Large’.

Here they are:

1 – Smaller homes are more affordable and require less of everything.

Less maintenance. Less expense.

Need to paint the house top to bottom, or replace the carpet?  What about replacing the windows, in lieu of more energy efficient options?

Less square footage also means lower utility bills. You will even need less furniture!

And because you will need LESS of everything, you can spend MORE on higher quality, and still come out ahead.

Meaning you won’t have to break the budget to achieve an amazing result!

2 – Smaller homes are ideal for Custom design.

Yes, it may cost more, but remember you will ultimately need less of everything, so why not?

This is an opportunity for you to get super organized, so use it to your advantage.

Are you looking for an efficient, minimalist kitchen? Do you need better storage options overall?

By reducing the scale of your dream kitchen, you can reduce the total costs, and instead think bigger in terms of the overall design. You can re-purpose those funds into higher end cabinetry, quality appliances, and clever storage options.

A skilled craftsman can create customized storage that perfectly fits your needs, plus the size and the layout of your home. This includes kitchen cabinetry, and anything else you can think of.

Furnishings can also be customized.

The ideal sofa will not only be perfectly scaled to the size of the room, but it will also be scaled to fit you.  For the ultimate in comfort, luxury and organization, this is the way to go.

In a smaller home, the occasional splurge becomes more affordable. When properly orchestrated, small homes can live large!

3 – Smaller homes let you be more Creative.

The idea here, is to look outside the box.

Choose furnishings that serve more than one purpose, such as a coffee table that converts to dining table height, or  – an ottoman that provides seating, a foot rest and the convenience of a table, all in one.

Likewise, in the kitchen, be sure to select top quality appliances that do double duty. Something as basic as a standard dishwasher, can be improved with dishwasher drawers that can be used simultaneously, or independently – you get to choose.

Learn to think vertically and make maximum use of your space!

Playing with color is another way to create the illusion of more space.

By using a monochromatic palette for the flooring, walls and ceilings you will have a neutral canvas for introducing color into your choice of furnishings and fabrics.

4 – Smaller homes help you appreciate what you have.

If it is in your nature to be neat and organized you are lucky, because when living in a smaller space you will need to pare back your belongings to the bare essentials and get by with less.

This is not a bad thing!

What it does mean, is de-cluttering your life, and opening things up to new possibilities.

It means being more organized, and using your ingenuity.

Remember to take advantage of the current trend for outdoor living. Whether you have a garden, or a patio, use that space as an extension of your indoor living area, and you will align yourself more with Nature in the process.

5 – Smaller homes allow you to support sustainable options on a realistic budget.

Let’s face it. Anyone who has tried to embrace a greener lifestyle already knows that ‘green’ often equates to greater expense.

Well, as mentioned previously, smaller homes are more affordable overall because you simply need less of everything.

So, if your goal is for safe, eco-friendly choices throughout your home, that’s easily attained in a smaller space.

As you can see, it’s OK to think small.