I read the other day that the holiday festivities don’t officially end until January 2.                       

Well, that might work in most families, but in mine we have a string of January birthdays that begin, more or less, when the holidays are suppose to end.

We’re not officially done celebrating until the following week, which makes for an interesting time of year.

Some family members have been known to complain, because – let’s face it – by the time New Years Day rolls around, we’re feeling the effects of too much good food, and definitely too much sugar.

(For a post-holiday Food Lover’s Cleanse, click here).

January 1 is meant to be the official end to that week – or month – of celebration.


Well, in recent years, I’ve decided to simply embrace the New Year unfolding before me. After all, for those of us lucky enough to have birthdays that more or less coincide with the New Year, I can’t think of a better way to celebrate.

Because it’s a New Year in every sense of the word!

And time once again, for making New Year’s Resolutions. As it happens, a cosmetics flyer landed in our mailbox two days ago with the following suggested Resolutions:

1                   Stay Balanced

2                   Take the Initiative

3                   Make Time for You

4                   Have a Brighter Outlook

5                   Be Amazing Every Day

Taken out of context, these can be applied to just about anything! So, birthday or not, let’s make this about celebrating You!

Just because!

I’d like to propose a day where you give your exhausted, post-holiday body a much needed rest and really take care of yourself.

Engage in an activity you enjoy. If it’s a beautiful day outside you can go for a walk, or hit the gym. Or, you can simply bask in the comfort of your home, catch up on your reading and prepare a healthy meal.

Try your best to avoid eating sugar, just for one day, replacing sweets with the nutritious foods your body craves.

Forget about your to-do list and everything else that needs to be done. This day is for YOU.

What better way to welcome in the New Year?