“Beauty …is a doorway to the next dimension.”  Sarah Susanka, architect & author of ‘The Not So Big House’ & ‘Not So Big Life’


Last week I fell in love.         

The object of my affection was a lovely little settee that I spotted in a designer showroom.

As it happened, I was in need of a new sofa, and had been looking for the perfect one for several months. What I’d envisioned for myself was a custom loveseat, perfectly proportioned to fit me like a glove.

Then suddenly, I found something else, that wasn’t at all what I had in mind. And yet…

This little settee was created by the high-end designer Barbara Barry and it was on sale. It was covered in fabric that I loved. Even better, it was available immediately, right off the showroom floor, which meant I didn’t have to wait three months for a customized version.

It was the sort of find that immediately makes your heart beat faster and puts a spring in your step.

So what did I do?

Instead of making a decision on the spot, I had to ‘think about it’, which is how this became a D.O.D. – or what I call ‘Designer’s Own Dilemma’.

Interior designers, as it were, are actually their own worst customers. I’m not sure why that is exactly, but I think it’s part perfectionism and part simply not being able to decide because of the myriad options that are available to us.

So anyway, I’m happy to report that I did make a decision overnight, with the help of many friends and acquaintances who all said “BUY IT”!

So I did.

The point that I want to make here is what I’ve said many times before, which is the importance of surrounding yourself with beautifully designed, well-made things that you LOVE!

In fact, if I were asked to give the single most important design tip I can think of it would be just that.

You can’t just like it, you have to LOVE it!

And when you find those things you love, please pay attention. Those are the items you want in your home, so that you are literally surrounded each and every day by a bounty of beautiful things.

Two caveats:

1.     In case you’re seeing dollar signs ($$$) – beauty and money aren’t necessarily one and the same.

You have only to gaze upon the many gifts of Nature to know that this is true.

2.     Remember, too, that Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder.

Meaning that what is beautiful to me, may not seem quite so lovely to you and that’s perfectly OK.

So my gift to you this holiday season is this:

When you do find something so beautiful it whispers to your soul, listen up. Buy it. You won’t be sorry.