I was browsing hotels on-line for an upcoming road trip, when I happened upon an upscale hotel chain that provides guests with a Heavenly Bed and a Heavenly Bath.                      

Sounds heavenly.

Then I read that it’s OK to bring your 40lb dog, at no extra charge and you can even request a Heavenly Dog Bed!

Now, that’s service!

The Heavenly Bed, as it’s called, (for humans) features a “custom-designed, foot-thick pillowtop mattress with all-white bedding; triple sheeting; down duvet; and five pillows (two goose down/feather, two hypo-allergenic, and a decorative “boudoir” neck roll pillow)”.


I’d love to know what the Heavenly Dog Bed looks like!

So yes, I’m off on a road trip early this month. I’m meeting up with my son in rural Pennsylvania, as he makes his way back to Austin, TX for the fall term of graduate school.

Many years ago, when my family moved to Seattle, we drove all the way from Toronto, which was a ten day road trip. Being young and adventurous, I thought it was a blast.

To this day, the highlights I remember were Mt. Rushmore, the Corn Palace (ever been there?) and of course, Yellowstone National Park.

We arrived in Yellowstone on July 1, and were welcomed by an enormous blizzard. Coming from Canada, we weren’t too fazed by this, although it was a bit confusing for the first of July.

Lucky for us, we had an ice-scraper in the car. This made us very popular the next morning in the parking lot, as fellow hotel guests prepared to dig themselves out of the snow.

My most recent memorable road trip was to Frank Lloyd Wright’s infamous Fallingwater.

So, it’s time for another road trip, and I’m looking forward to it! I hope to see you back here over the next few weeks as I share trip updates and photos.