When my son was little, one of his favorite books was titled “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie”.                                               

Perhaps you’re familiar with this book.

In short, it’s about a mouse who, when given a cookie to munch on, decides he needs a nice cold glass of milk to go with it.

When he drinks the glass of milk, he ends up with a milk mustache. Which means he needs a napkin to wipe his face.

When he gets the napkin…well, you get the idea.

Sometimes one thing leads to another. And then, where does it stop?

On our recent vacation, I forgot to pack a tea strainer. Now, this may not seem like a crisis, but it was definitely a setback for my morning cup of loose-leaf tea.

A coffee person I am not.

We were staying in a comfortable, fully furnished time-share condo that wasn’t lacking in anything. Except for a tea strainer.

Which meant I had to go shopping, especially since there’s a lovely little gift shop in town, just a short walk away.

I make a point to stop in whenever we’re in the area.

As it happened, they didn’t have any tea strainers. But I found a perfect little tea pot, with a strainer built right in.

Of course, once in the shop I had to look around and see what else they had. As it happened, I couldn’t have timed things any better, because the 4th of July sidewalk sale was in full swing.

So, of course, I left with more than just a teapot.

I found a wonderful cork-wrapped glass vase (or candle holder, depending how you look at it -multiple use is always a big plus). Plus some matching votives. And some pillows.      

They were all on sale.

Didn’t I say something in an earlier post about the temptation of summer sales? I have to admit, I succumbed.

As you can see, one thing did lead to another, but it was all good. Along the way, I also asked myself, what is enough? I paid attention.

But first I enjoyed myself.