Earlier this week, I had a chance encounter with a former client.  Fortune Cookie The client was accompanied by a friend who, it turns out, happened to be a seamstress.

Just that morning, I had been rummaging through my closet, fussing over some items that needed to be altered. I was at a loss where to go for such a service. Whom should I call?

Enter the seamstress.

Said seamstress also happened to live in the same neighborhood where I grew up, and even on the same street. She is a caregiver and friend to a former next-door neighbor.

Plus she sews.

Sure, I could have just shopped for new clothes. But I’d already tried that, and couldn’t find what I was looking for.

And that’s the thing.

When you already own the perfect article of clothing, or piece of furniture, why replace it just because it no longer fits? Why not have it altered, instead?

(And protect the landfills in the process).

Because, let’s face it, sometimes furniture no longer fits our lifestyle. Our needs may have changed over time, and even our tastes.

Sometimes things just get a bit worn and have that ‘tired’ look.

When furniture has good bones, as we in the industry like to say, I’m a big proponent of having the piece re-upholstered, and breathing new life into something you already own.

Why not?

You can re-purpose just about anything, even your home!

The following scenario is something I’ve heard more than once.

A family decides they have outgrown their home and it’s time to move. After many months of looking and getting nowhere, they suddenly realize their present home is perfectly adequate – it just needs an overhaul.

Since they already love the neighborhood, and the location couldn’t be more convenient for school and work, they hire an architect and interior designer, and end up remodeling instead.

Sometimes things are just meant to be.