‘You are the Artist and your Life is your Work of Art’ Christine Kane

I love this quote.                                               

You see, I grew up in a family of art historians, artists and antique dealers, and we were surrounded by Art 24/7. My father was a museum curator so I also knew my way around a museum from an early age. Relating to art comes easily to me.

Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of art-related terms sprinkled throughout the world of interior design, fashion and even accessories for the home.

For example, did you know that your home could be curated in the same way a museum curator oversees a valued art collection?

As curator of your home, you would need to be very discerning as you sort through your possessions, be it furniture, artwork or accessories. As you select your favorite pieces, these will become the stars of your collection. Be sure to display them prominently, with adequate lighting and an appropriate backdrop.

Create a catalogue, if you’re so inclined.

You can even have curated dining. The idea here, is to set your table with museum bought china, glassware and cutlery that is based on historical designs from the country, or century, of your choice.

You could immerse yourself in something French or Italian, for example, and set your table accordingly.

High quality museum replicas are available at most museum gift shops. You can peruse catalogues or visit them online.

Likewise, your wardrobe can be viewed as a ‘canvas’. By starting with your basics, say black and white, you can dress things up, or down, at whim. Add a bold accent color, or two, a bright accessory, and you’re good to go.

Now back to that quote. Did you ever consider that you are the sole artist of your Life? I mean, if not you, who else would be responsible?

Unlike your typical work of Art, which becomes a ‘fait accomplit’ as soon as the artist lays down the paintbrush, your life, and your home, is yours to design as you wish. Over the course of your lifetime, you can add, or take away, and embellish however you choose.

It is never quite done, but is still your masterpiece¸ imperfections and all.

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