I like design that is multifunctional. If it is multifunctional and clever that’s even better. 

For Christmas this year, I gave my son a very unusual mug.

Black in color, it has the word OFF written on the outside. Pour hot tea or coffee into it, and the mug suddenly turns white, and the word OFF changes to ON. How cool is that?

For me, this mug represents everything I love about interior design. It’s innovative, and clever. It’s unusual. It’s well-designed, and well-made. Plus, there’s definitely more to it than what  first meets the eye!

One of my favorite design projects required that a support column in the center of a room somehow be ‘disguised’. The result was a stunning room divider that hid a pop-up television on the living room side, and a dining room buffet and storage on the other.

This is what I refer to as the Surprise Element – those subtle design details that aren’t immediately obvious but are just waiting to be discovered!

Since every project comes with it’s own set of challenges, those challenges can inspire some rather amazing solutions. The idea is to approach a project with an open mind, then pull out all the stops on your creativity. You can reign things in later, if necessary.

Lastly, when considering the power of Surprise, keep in mind that interior design can be whimsical, as well as creative. It does not have to be serious.  It can be innovative, pleasing to look at, plus serve multiple functions. If it puts a smile on your face that’s even better!

We are talking about your home, after all. It should make your smile.