No, I’m not talking about your home’s electrical output.                   

I’m talking about your home’s energy, in terms of the positive or negative energy contained therein.

You’ve probably heard that people emit either positive or negative energy – well your home exudes a certain energy, as well.

It  may be closely related to your own mood. In other words, if you’ve been neglecting yourself lately and are feeling tired and overwhelmed, this may have  rubbed off on your surroundings. Chances are your home is feeling the same way.

Take a look around you.

Is your furniture looking a bit worn and tired? Are the walls faded and in need of a fresh coat of paint? Do the carpets need replacing?

What about clutter? Do you live in a clean, organized space full of positive energy? Or is your living environment screaming for help, mired in negative output?

Maybe your home needs to lose the ‘extra weight’.

Many of us have the inevitable spare room, where we discard un-used, and un-needed items. What is the energy emitted from that room? Does it weigh you down or lift you up?

Which would you prefer?

I can speak for myself, here. I know that when I enter the one room in my home that is a gathering place for ‘things that have nowhere else to live’ the instinctive urge is to turn around and walk right back out the door.

So, I ask you, what is the message your home is sending out into the world? What is your home’s aura?

Think about boosting your home’s positive energy in 2010!