I just launched my new ezine, Live in Harmony, and no sooner did my first issue appear with an article on the ‘Power of Color’, than our local paper ran a piece titled ‘Applying the Power of Color’.        

How timely was that?

Seems a local artist had the idea to paint the lobby of a downtown housing facility. Along with a team of volunteers she transformed the walls from institutional drab to cheerful and upbeat.

It was the bleakness of the interiors that convinced the artist she could really make a difference. Just by painting the lobby walls in bright colors, she ultimately brightened the lives of those who live there.

Color can do that!

Earlier this week, I spotted bright yellow daffodils – my favorite – in the neighborhood supermarket, a sure sign that Spring is just around the corner, and a great example of how color can instantly lift ones’ mood.

Of course, the lack of color can also do the opposite, as evidenced by many a gray Seattle day this time of year.

One could argue that soft, neutral colors can also relax and soothe, but there are times when what we really need is a jolt of color to wake up our senses.

Kind of like the rush of seeing my first daffodils of the year. Just writing about this makes me want to go out and buy some!

Several months ago, in an earlier post, I asked:  ‘What color is your Life?’ Today I will rephrase that, and ask instead:

What color makes your heart sing?

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