Recycle Days

You’ve probably heard the mantra:  Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Last weekend, the city where we live sponsored a local Recycling Day, on what happened to be the first warm & sunny weekend so far this Spring. At the recycling station, the most popular spot was Household Goods. Furniture (in various states of repair), lamps and endless household items dotted the pavement, and workers scrambled to keep up with the stream of cars dropping off more supplies. If any items were beyond repair, there were recycling stations for that too.

I find these events very freeing, in that they give us the perfect opportunity to unload a lot of ‘stuff’ which we don’t use, or need, anymore. As long as the items you are parting with are in good condition, there is always someone else who could benefit from your donation. Plus, it feels so rewarding when you’re done!

Whether or not your neighborhood sponsors these types of events, there are usually other organizations that accept donations, especially for furniture in good condition. In our area, we have Hopelink, which helps families get back on their feet after dealing with personal crisis, financial or otherwise, and they do accept used furniture. Check your local government listings to see what is available where you live.