Green Design

lamp bulb tulipsWhen it comes to Interior Design, what does it mean to be ‘Green’?

Green design is primarily about providing a healthy, non-toxic living environment.

As a rule of thumb, anytime you notice that ‘new car’ odor in a product, what you’re smelling isn’t something that is good for you.

Primary sources of toxins in the home come from paint and carpeting, but off-gassing also occurs in fabrics, wood and wood finishes (think furniture and cabinetry).

Fortunately, there are many alternate choices available on the market today, from low-VOC paints (highly recommended), to water-based finishes and formadelhyde-free particleboard for use in cabinetry.

Aside from toxicity, consider using renewable resources such as bamboo, or recycled products, and supporting the local economy for lower transportation costs (i.e. reducing your carbon footprint).

Also important to consider is the ‘end of life’ cycle. In other words, will the product end up in a landfill, or can it be re-cycled for another use?