Is Design A Luxury?

This just in:  during the week of December 1 Harmony Design Studio will be featured on . Look for us under Ava’s Choice, which highlights a select group of Interior Designers and their work.

This week, I offer a quote, courtesy of Stephen Drucker, who answers the question ‘Is Design a Luxury?’ in a very thought-provoking manner:

‘To everyone who hesitates that decorating is a luxury at this unsettled moment, I’d like to say that I think home is more important than ever, not a last priority in your budget, but a first. Now is the time to set a beautiful table and invite friends for dinner, rather than go to a restaurant. Now is the time to get a deal on that big TV and create your own home theatre, rather than go to the movies. Now is the time to paint a room a pretty color, or buy some pillows for your sofa, or dress up your bed in new sheets…Home isn’t a luxury; the money you spend, you’ll enjoy every day.’

Beautifully said, and if you think about it, very true. It doesn’t work for everyone, especially if money is very tight, but if you can afford to do something nice for yourself in these trying times, even on a small scale, then by all means do so.