On a recent summer’s day, I had the ideal opportunity to visit Fallingwater, Frank Lloyd Wright’s masterpiece located in Bear Run, Pennsylvania.

This proved to be an absolutely amazing experience, and I highly recommend visiting Fallingwater if you are ever in the area.

I guarantee the experience is one you’ll never forget.

So what makes this place so incredible?

It’s just a house, afterall.

Except that it’s not just any house.

Picture a home that is so well integrated to it’s site that words escape you.

Picture a home that is so beautifully designed, in each and every detail, that it takes your breath away.

Add to this the spectacular natural site, located in the woods, directly over a stream and waterfall.

You’ve probably seen the pictures, famously showing the cantilevered decks that create patterns in space as they hover over the water below.

Design and architecture today often emphasizes the connection between indoors and out, or what we refer to as ‘bringing the outdoors in’.

Fallingwater is the epitomy of this concept, of connecting ourselves to Nature.

While I don’t believe there will ever be another Fallingwater, we can certainly borrow from the lessons here, and aspire to bring more of Nature into our homes.

Perhaps it will be the stone flooring throughout your home that continues onto the outdoor patio, perhaps it will appear in the form of greenery inside and out, or perhaps it will be a water feature that spreads the peaceful sound of flowing water throughout your living space.

Whatever you decide to do, embrace it as a way to bring more of Nature into your home and your Life.