Awakening the Senses

A recent vacation to Hawaii left me exhilerated, and was rejuvenating to the senses!

On a daily basis, we were greeted by new sensory images, not to mention the exciting array of foods that thoroughly awoke my taste buds.

From the taste of tropical fruits such as papaya, mango and pineapple, to the daily fresh fish from the sea and the crunch of macademia nuts, it was a delight. Not to mention the exquisite tastes of  thirst quenching drinks made from passionfruit juice and sparkling wine, or cucumber juice mixed with lime & mint, I was in heaven. As an interior designer, I appreciate beautiful design no matter where it shows up – a luscious presentation of food, for example, with a unique or clever combination of tastes –  this can be a work of art in it’s own right.

We woke each morning to the song of the myhna bird – loud and cheerful already at 6:30 a.m. Greeted by a sumptious buffet, we breakfasted on an open terrace, with a view of the pool and the ocean beyond. We ate all our meals outdoors with the warmth of the sun on our skin and the occasional cooling breezes ruffling through the overhead umbrellas. We explored the local tundra of volcanic rock and coral, and deep red earth, and pristine beaches.

We snorkeled in the warm ocean waters with an colorful array of tropical fish and swam with the dolphins. From afar, we watched the spinner dolphins leap from the water and spin on their tails.

It was a total immersion in Nature, with new sights and sounds capturing our attention each day.

So often, as we get caught up in our daily routines and schedules, we forget how important it is to our well-being to include a bit of Nature in our lives. Now that summer seems to have finally arrived in Seattle, we can spend more time outdoors and enjoy this beautiful part of the country that we live in. It may not be Hawaii, but in the Pacific Northwest we have a paradise of our own. Think of the spectacular sight of snow-capped Mt Rainier, or the Cascades, on a clear day – you don’t see that in Hawaii!

So, with the long weekened approaching, take time to stop & smell the roses and see what Nature has to offer. Have a wonderful and safe 4th!